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Rebuilding Together: Cheryl’s Story

Healthy Housing Challenge Sponsored by Wells Fargo

Nationwide, an estimated 30 million homes pose potential health threats Wells Fargo Chuluotathat contribute to preventable injuries and illnesses. Many hazards can be corrected through simple, low-cost repairs. Patching leaky roofs, clearing clogged gutters, removing old carpeting, clearing clogged clothes dryer vents, adding ventilation, installing grab bars and handrails and sealing gaps and cracks to keep out pests are examples of the type of repairs RTO focuses on.

Wells Fargo helped launch the Healthy Housing Challenge (HHC) with a commitment of $850,000 to help build the capacity of 40 Rebuilding Together affiliates in communities across the country over the next three years. Community rebuild days aim to raise awareness, of the HHC and demonstrate that every home can be made safer and healthier.

Orlando, FL – Rebuilding Together Orlando (RTO) has completed HHC projects with sponsorship from Wells Fargo and the Winter Park Health Foundation. On September 26th and 27th over 25 volunteers got busy improving the homes of 11 residents in a Chuluota neighborhood. The event was centered on the home of an Army reserve veteran who has resided in her home for the past 20 years. Home repairs included a roof replacement, exterior painting, installation of a grab bar, motion sensor security lights, fire alarms and extinguishers along with several other HHC improvements on 10 additional homes including Maxsa solar powered motion sensor security lights, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. Read More.


AmeriCorps Members Join Rebuilding Together Orlando

AC_DF_ameircorpsOn August 26, 2014 Rebuilding Together Orlando welcomed its first ever AmeriCorps members, Alaina Casioppo and Dean Fathelbab as Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator and Project Coordinator respectively. Together they will be helping Rebuilding Together Orlando’s Executive Director, Ed Green, to expand awareness and services of this uplifting organization. Rebuilding Together Orlando is energized and equipped to overcome many challenges and obstacles in their path to reach and surpass organizational goals of creating safe and healthy communities throughout Orlando. For more information visit the Rebuilding Together Orlando website or call (407) 898-3777.