Partnerships In Progress: The American Red Cross

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Throughout January 2015, RTO in partnership with the American Red Cross has taken a community wide mission of improving fire safety and prevention in the neighborhood of Tangelo Park, Florida. On January 14, 2015 volunteers from RTO and the American Red Cross did and community wide outreach event, informing residents of the fire safety and prevention installation program taking place the following Thursday. On January 22, 2014 the Red Cross, Orange County Fire Department, and RTO successfully identified 300 homes and installed over 160 smoke alarms. Given the success of this event, the Red Cross and the fire department will be returning to Tangelo Park on February 21st the same day RTO begins its community wide Rebuild Project Sponsored by Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, wherein 4 homeowners will receive home renovations with an additional 26 residents receiving safe and healthy housing kits. If you are interested in partnering with RTO or for more information on this event February 21st, contact our Outreach Coordinator Alaina Casioppo at or 407-898-3777 ext. 3.


About the American Red Cross

The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors. As a community-based, humanitarian organization, the American Red Cross provides relief to those affected by disasters and empowers individuals in our community to prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. By helping people learn how to take care of their families and neighbors, the Red Cross strengthens the community and readies it for all types of disasters, including home fires, hurricanes, wildfires and tornadoes, to name a few. More than 900 regional volunteers, from students to seniors, ensure the Red Cross fulfills its mission within the Mid-Florida Region, as we respond to an average of three fires per day. Visit for more information.


About Rebuilding Together Orlando

Rebuilding Together Orlando (RTO) is one of 166 local RT affiliates that complete 10,000 rebuild projects a year thanks to the help of 200,000 volunteers from corporate partners, skilled trade professionals and everyday good citizens. RTO provides critical repairs accessibility modifications and energy efficient upgrades to low-income homes and community centers at no cost to service recipients.