Volunteer Waiver


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  • Please note: Before a volunteer can participate in any of Rebuilding Together Orlando (RTO) programs, this form must be completed and given to the staff. Your signature is needed on both pages of this release form. Information provided on this form is kept confidential.
  • Volunteer Information

  • Rebuilding Together Orlando (RTO) is a home repair and housing rehabilitation service. Volunteers participating in the activities of RTO will be expected to be involved in specific home repair, home building or other construction activities including, but not limited to: roofing, carpentry, dry walling, digging, building steps, plumbing, glasswork, insulating, painting, flooring, masonry, electrical wiring and other facets of home repair, remodeling and renovation. These activities include, but are not limited to: the use of power tools such as saws and drills, as well as the use of hand tools. As part of construction rehabilitation projects, volunteers may come in contact with lead products, asbestos, mold, sewage, fiberglass, cleaning products and other hazardous materials. Participation as a volunteer and the foregoing activities may also require riding in RTO vehicles, climbing with and without construction supplies, working in high places such as on roofs and other facets of construction work. RTO volunteers may also participate in activities that are not construction related, but are considered activities of RTO such as trainings or social activities.
  • NOTE: Volunteers are not required to engage in any work or recreational activity in which they feel they are not able to safely participate. Volunteers will participate at their own risk and will not hold RTO liable for any harm or injury as a result of participation with RTO.
  • The Participant and/or the Guardian grant and convey to RTO all right, title, and interest in any and all photographic images and video or audio recordings made by RTO during the Participant’s participation with the RTO.
  • Consent/permission is given for treatment by competent medical personnel as a result of any accident or medical emergency while involved in the activities of RTO. I understand that RTO does not carry medical insurance on participating volunteers. I agree that my insurance company will be used for such medical care expenses and I am aware that I may be billed by the medical provider for any medical treatment expenses not covered by my insurance. I understand that if I do not have medical insurance coverage that I am responsible for the payment of any medical bills. RTO will not be held liable for any injury or accident as a result of my participation with any RTO activity.