ADU Domestic Mission Trip

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The Brevard Veterans Memorial Center (VMC) was founded in 1978 and the current facility was built in 1989 on property owned by the County of Brevard as part of a Veterans Memorial Park. It was damaged heavily by hurricanes in 2004-05 and has had extensive use inside making it in desperate need of repairs as we prepare for 2016. Our Veterans Council has over 400 members, supports 40 military related veterans organizations in Brevard (nine of which meet at the VMC), and strives to offer the 70,000 veterans who live in Brevard County, as well as many visitors a very special place. It includes a top flight FREE Military Museum of donations, a great library and a very special Plaza which includes monuments to all wars, including Afghanistan and Iraq — a unique feature, we believe in Florida. The VMC also hosts 15 volunteers of DAV Post 123 who last year provided support and counseling to over 3,000 veterans in need of VA assistance and related guidance in support of our overtaxed VA network. In addition, more than 40 veterans in dire need of financial support were supported by our emergency funds which we receive from a local church and VFW. The VMC is truly a multi-purpose place.

On December 15-17, 2015 students from Adventist University (ADU) joined Rebuilding Together Orlando in helping begin the renovation process at the VMC. Volunteers helped renovate Gray Hall, a 1500 square foot room that is used for special events and other daily activities. Volunteers painted the interior of the room along with installed new drop ceiling tiles. In addition, volunteers painted an extensive 455 foot long deck with non-slip paint, and provided the Veteran’s Center with an in depth Occupational Therapy Assessment which took into account state and federal accessibility requirements for public buildings. All in all the trip was a tremendous success. Donn Weaver, Chairman of the VMC, commended volunteers;

“To you and all your terrific volunteers from Orlando, the 400 plus members of the Brevard Veterans Memorial Center (VMC) and the thousands of other Veterans and visitors who use the VMC every year, a very hearty THANK YOU. Your group of engaged, caring and friendly personnel made a big impact, We are even happy to have learned more about the process of how to make the VMC better for those visitors with disabilities.”

Rebuilding Together Orlando is looking forward to completing more projects like this in the future. If you are interested in a similar opportunity please email Alaina Casioppo, RTO’s Outreach Coordinator, at