Board of Directors - Michael Onuchovsky

Michael Onuchovsky is an Executive with Wells Fargo in Technology and Operations and has been with the organization for 20 plus years and serves on the Wells Fargo Volunteer Chapter Steering Committee. Michael serves as the President of the Wells Fargo Metro Orlando Volunteer Chapter Leadership Advisory Council to make a positive impact on our local community by championing philanthropic efforts through a community involvement network of local team members. In 2013, Michael was recognized for his philanthropic work by Wells Fargo by being awarded 1 of 24 paid Volunteer Leaves with a focus on developing a strong infrastructure and internship program for Rebuilding Together Orlando. Michael also serves on the Wells Fargo Environmental Affairs Central Florida Green Team leadership council which is focused on helping conserve resources, reduce waste and promote environmental awareness at work and in the community. From running energy efficiency campaigns and recycling programs to managing community volunteer projects and supporting our LEED certification work. In addition, Michael is a Diversity and Inclusion advocate serving on a number of Wells Fargo Diversity and Inclusion leadership councils to ensure all team members feel valued and respected for who they are, as well as for their skills and experience and enjoy being part of our community. Michael is actively engaged with the Central Florida Job Initiatives Business Advisory Council as well as is actively engaged in leadership roles with other non-profit organizations. From an educational lens Michael has a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting from Kean University and a Master’s in Business Administration from Monmouth University.